Hello! I’m Erin and a rebel at heart! If you love quilting as much as I do, follow along with me and join in the fun! 

I have a couple of fun Facebook pages you might know me from. Free Quilting Patterns – Spam Free Zone, where we share 1 free pattern every single day. And Quilting Steals & Deals where I share daily quilting deals! I really enjoy writing blog posts about quilting but also I love to review any free patterns that I make myself. So you will be able to get tips and tricks about a pattern. 

I have some cheat sheets called Mastering Methods that I think you will find very handy as well. They are in my Resource Library and I will be adding to them as time goes on. If you have any ideas you’d love to see showcased in Mastering Methods style, please let me know. 

And when you’re ready for even more inspiration and if you love Happy Mail jump into our membership! My daughter Quincy and I run the Quilting Rebel Membership where you receive a physical item mailed each month plus so much more. 

My daughter quilts too? You bet! You can find her over at www.quincylight.com and see her long arm skills! It’s so fun to do what you love with your daughter. We can’t wait to get to know you.