Aha! Here you are to snoop my about me page to get a glimpse of who is this Quilting Rebel person? It’s me, Erin Standage! And please, snoop away!

Why did I pick the name Quilting Rebel?

Well truth be told I’m probably not much of a real rebel. But I’m mouthy and have dropped some very choice words when making a mistake in the studio. But I’ll try and reign that in while I’m writing! Sometimes I loosely follow directions and the precision that is sometimes required in quilting. I tend to wing it – but with rules. Can that be a real thing? I once had a goal of creating a quilt show quality piece and I soon realized that would not make me happy in the slightest! So that makes me, at least in my own eyes, a true Quilting Rebel!

Where am I?

I’m from the state of Missouri, USA. Born and raised! We split our time between Springfield and our lake house on Truman Lake in central Missouri. My studio is located at the lake because – view. It’s all about the view! Truman Lake is a Corps of Engineers lake created solely for flood control, so they don’t allow docks or building very close to it. We waited for quite a while for a house on a bluff to come available and we see all kinds of wildlife daily. It’s really wonderful and natural there.

Family and fur…

We have 1 beautiful and amazing daughter, Quincy, who also quilts! You can check her out at www.QuincyLight.com Her and I get to work side by side, well via the internet since she moved away, and run our Quilting Rebel Membership together. It’s absolutely awesome to be in business with my best friends and daughter! I am married to my amazing husband, Dave and we have 1 black labrador named Willow, and a cat named Cookie. Willow is my little honey bun, so you will see her featured on my Instagram stories if you follow me there!

The contemporary quilter Quincy standage
Quincy @ www.QuincyLight.com
Why am I doing this blogging thing?

We have owned an HVAC company for many years and to be honest it was Dave’s passion but not really mine. I mean working it and building it up to where it is now has been rewarding. Don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t light a fire inside me. Know what I mean? I do have to split my time between HVAC and quilting for now and that’s ok.

I love quilting and creating but sometimes struggle to do so because of ADHD. So reigning in this strangely wired brain of mine takes some finagling for sure. Turns out I really love helping others create and when I tried a bit of blogging I realized that is where I wanted to be. When we added the membership in February of 2022 I had found exactly what I want to be doing! I have a lot of fun engaging with our members and it brings me great joy. So for my brain it means I get to create, help people, and feel a sense of achievement! I’m not sure if that makes sense, but my brain says it does!! And if you are wondering, I’ve been quilting for about 10 years now.

So come along with me on my quilting journey! Interact with me – I want to hear from you – crave it if you will! Let’s have some fun, let’s learn some things, and let’s get creating!


email: erin@quiltingrebel.com