AMAZON prime day 2021 quilting

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Quilting Deals

June 21 & 22! Keep refreshing and checking back on this page throughout the day as I update it with AMAZON PRIME DAY 2021 QUILTING DEALS!

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Now I’ll be honest, there may be a few other deals sprinkled in here as well if I just think its a great deal or maybe even something I want myself. This is my first year doing this for others, so bear with me as I get through this day with you! I also do some Cricut crafting so I’ll be watching for anything related in that area as well. I’ve tried to section this page so you can best see what you want!


Happy Tuesday, June 22nd! I have just updated all the deals and did another search. Added some things you might be interested in as well! I have to go to my desk job today so I won’t be able to update quite as much but I don’t see much coming up as day 2 of Prime days winds down. Have an amazing day and thanks for joining me on this journey!

QUILTING: Amazon Prime Day Deals!

I found a Cricut Maker on Prime! Now to be fair Cricut was also running them 30% off a week or so ago, but this is a great machine to have in the craft and sewing room. I love Cricut crafts and am looking forward to cutting out my own appliqué pieces in the future with mine.

I’m giving these a try. They have great reviews and cheaper than Olfa replacement blades.

Best price I’ve seen so far if you want to add this to your quilting tools!

Bernina bobbin cases!!! Wooohoooo Just tripped upon these and ordered!

Just ordered 2 sets of this for my quilting design wall! So excited!

How cute are these little buttons?!?! I’ve always wanted to tie some buttons on a quilt instead of quilting it so I’m definitely grabbing this little cuties to give that a go. I love these! Heck they’ll be pretty just sitting in a jar on my sewing table too!

I’m grabbing this embroidery thread lot for a little! I like to tie some of my quilts and this should work great and give me a variety on hand to choose from!

Jelly Roll Rug batting anyone? These rugs are so fun!

I would check reviews on next item – seems really cheap price in general and also no returns allowed I think I noticed:

There are several fabric scissors on prime day, but this one has the most and best review!

Wool Pressing Mats!

These look like Omnigrid brand but ARE NOT – just want you to be aware – I have not used the brand.

Looks like some great deals on the accuquilt! I don’t personally have one, do you? I don’t have all Accuquilts deals listed here so check Amazon for more!

There seems to be a fair amount of fabric on sale, just scroll down to Products Related To This Item and scroll there for more Prime Fabric Deals!

These quilting grip gloves (but not really gloves) are kind of interesting – anyone ever tried something like this?

I wonder if these hold the Isacord Embroidery thread – cause this would be handy!

A Janome Machine is coming up about 6pm central time I THINK. It shows as an upcoming deal, but they don’t say how much. Stock says only 16 so this might be something to watch if you are looking for a machine. Seems to have good reviews – but I know nothing about it! So its not a recommendation, just and FYI!

Items coming soon!

Items coming soon!

If you don’t have Prime and want to try it out, you can do that right here! Just click the blue box! I’ve been a Prime member for years and I just love it!


I have this Craft mates for several things! It’s an excellent pill container when you have lots of pills you separate and you can have a full 4 weeks all ready to go! Plus you can grab just a weeks worth for a trip and the extra locking mechanism ensures nothing gets popped open and falls out. I also have them to hold my Rhinestones when I make rhinestone tumblers and it is also completely amazing for this as well!!

I’m seriously considering this storage unit. I’ve got two ends of my master closet where I think these could be quite handy, both for clothes and fabric! Easy to sort fabric by colors maybe? Kind of like it has doors to keep dust minimal as well. What do you think about this? EDIT: NOT ON PRIME, BUT LEAVING UP BECAUSE I THINK THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BOMB. 😉

These wooden craft ornaments are an upcoming deal, so watch for when it drops in price.

These little carts are very popular, so I found a few on sale! Check the colors, could be only certain colors are on sale.

Love these clear containers with cut out handles, but still feels a bit pricey. Hmmmm…

I have this generation of Amazon Show and I absolutely love it! Alexa is a huge help in the kitchen and searching recipes, setting timers, and getting weather and news. I can’t recommend it enough!

CRICUT / CRAFTING: Amazon Prime Day Deals:

Below are products I love and may not be associated directly with Prime Day Deals.

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