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Annie’s Kit Clubs Fat Quarter Club Review

Originally posted in 2022, but updated for 2023.

I recently gave Annies Kit Club a shot. Let me break it down for you in this Annies’s Kit /clubs Fat Quarter Club Review post and I’ll tell you what I think!

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I’ve been intrigued with Annie’s for a while because it seems like a really awesome idea. Especially kits where maybe you want to be introduced to something new that you haven’t tried before. What a great way to get a small sampling to see what you think!

What You Can Find at Annie’s

Annie’s has all kinds of clubs:

March 2023 – 75% off your first months kit!

Yep, that’s right – 75% off the kit your first month. Plus shipping/taxes and cancel anytime. This is the PERFECT time to give Annie’s a try! Just click this graphic to see the Fabric Strip Club. You can click Select a Club at the top of their webpage to check out all their kits! Promo Code is: 75OFF

What Came in the Kit

I signed up for the Fat Quarter Club. You are given the option to choose Designer, Solids, or Batiks to arrive in your kit. My kit arrived less than a week after I ordered it in a nice padded envelope full of fabric! I chose the Designer option for mine.

I received 6 fat quarters and a card that stated I had a free project pattern online. I logged in and not only did I have 1 pattern but 3 free patterns! Two are table toppers, one of which could also be a wall hanging, and a third cosmetic clutch pattern. Now it would also require a zipper, but I was pretty happy with what I saw!

Annie's kit club fat quarter club

There was also a 4th “free gift” which was a free quilt pattern (could not be made with the kits 6 fat quarters fyi) and some free sewing how to information.

So what type of fabric did I get? Two of my fat quarters had selvedges marked from Windham fabrics and the others had no markings on the selvedges however all of them feel identical in quality, weight, and feel. I was happy with the fabric I received!


Let’s talk price. Ok the first month is great right? Because we are getting one heck of a deal. But how about after that? The Fat Quarter Club is *$23.99 + $5.95 shipping each time it is shipped. They state each kit will come with 6 – 8 Fat Quarters. I got 6 so that means each FQ would be $4.99 each.

Of course that is more pricey than if you were picking them up yourself. But these fabrics are coordinated for you, shipped to you, and you get free patterns with every shipment. I think that is a heck of a deal if you ask me! But more importantly – its fun and exciting to see what is going to arrive each month!

*All the clubs/kits vary in price.

Annies fat quarter kit club

UPDATE 2/13/2022

I’ve received 3 more shipments since the first and I wanted to show you exactly what I received. I am happy with all of them except 1. When you sign up you have the option to choose Designer, Batiks, or Solids. I chose Designer. For me, I feel like this means that I should not receive any Batiks and they are not my favorite at all. I never buy them. So I was disappointed when in December when I received all Batiks in my shipment. I reached out to them today to inquire as to the why. I will update you when I hear back. Now Batiks could be Designer – I get that – but considering they have it as a completely separate choice, I would not expect to receive any. Update: Batiks are also considered Designer – 2022.

Here are the other months I have received – and don’t forget you get a free pattern each time to use your fabrics in!

Besides the Batiks, I am very happy with my shipments and overall I’m still happy that I signed up!

UPDATE 5/6/2023

Current promo code is for 50% of any new club you join! Just use promo code SHARE50.

Isn’t she cute? Riley Blake Beautiful Day.

Final Say & Some Tips

Wrapping up this Annies Kit Clubs Fat Quarter Club Review I would ABSOLUTELY recommend giving it a try!

  • —>After logging into my account at Annies I found that you can alter how frequently you receive your shipment. You have the option to receive your kit every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months. I think that is a great choice that you are given.
  • —>You can also put your shipments on hold for up to 6 months as well.
  • —>And these would of course make an amazing gift to give! Annie’s makes this very simple in the check out process as well! Christmas is coming and what a great idea for gift giving! Helping others to be creative!
You can click on the following pictures to go directly to Annie’s website. You can cancel anytime!

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