Beginner Series: Quilt Binding & Mitered Corners

Are you ready to put the finishing touches on your quilt? It’s the last step and really makes a quilt pop!

In this video Beginner Series: Quilt Binding & Mitered Corners I will show you step by step just how to cut, attach, and bring together all aspects of this process.

So head on over to YouTube and watch my video- feel free to skip ahead where you need as this video is really built for beginners!

Just need help remembering how to join the ends of binding together – skip to the 22 minute mark in the video!

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Oh those beautiful mitered corners!

If you want to learn or need a refresher on how to join the two ends of your binding together – always a tricky part – you can skip ahead to 22:48 mark where I show this particular skill. If I could only tell you how many times I have done this wrong in the past until I finally learned! It can be tricky for sure.

The method I am teaching in this Beginner Series: Quilt Binding & Mitered Corners is using “width of fabric”. This is just like cutting strips off of yardage. You have two choices here – width of fabric or bias binding. Bias binding is considered the preferred method, but I was taught and have always stuck with just using strips for my binding. I think it has served me quite well and I am absolutely happy with this method!

Many other people are sticklers about hand sewing binding on. I’ll be honest. It does look a bit better, a bit more professional if you will. You machine down the first part but when you pull it around to the front you hand stitch it down so you can’t see the stitches. But to me a quilt is already full of stitches everywhere, so I don’t really see the point. And to be honest, I simply won’t take the time to do that. I don’t enjoy hand sewing and I need that quick fix of having something accomplished! I probably wouldn’t trust my hand stitches anyway – because I would likely be sloppy at it. You choose your path – that is the beauty of quilting. This quilt can be done your way!

I just love the little pink stripes I used for binding on this quilt!
It’s just happy all the way around!

If you need any insight as to tools that beginners need, check out my blog on Quilting Tools: A Beginners Guide to What You Absolutely Have to Have to Start. It’s a great basics list.

I use 2.5” strips – or the same as a jelly roll – for my binding. You might see other people using slightly different sizes and that is 100% ok! You find what works best for you and your quilting style. Maybe the style of your quilt calls for a really thin, delicate binding. Maybe arthritic hands calls for a bit larger so it is easier to work with. Make it yours!

I do recommend a walking foot for attaching binding by machine. It just makes life so much simpler! Another tip is to be sure to sew with your needle in the down position. This keeps things from shifting as you start and stop.

There is nothing more exciting then getting your quilt all the way across the finish line with binding all done. If this video helps you at all, be sure and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy binding!

Here are some of the products I used in my video!

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