Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt

I had the wonderful honor to be 1 of 9 quilters that Cotton Cuts reached out to participate in their Tree of Life Puzzle Mystery Charity Quilt sew along! I pieced May or Clue #4.

The Details

I received my beautifully packaged block pieces in the mail and they were such a breeze to layout and sew up. Having your quilts pre cut for you is a definite game changer! What a huge time and frustration saver it was. Here they are, laid out next to my machine and ready to put together.

Here is a full video of my experience and sewing the blocks together. If it seems I skip a bit here and there, I did have some major machine troubles. Seems my bobbin case was not in correctly and until I finally was able to rectify that, I had more birds nests than spring time around the lake here! All turned out well though in the end.

These sew alongs are available in numerous color ways and this quilt is being done in Pippa Shaw’s Woodland by Figo Fabrics. The colors are beautifully soft and natural, and blend together to really take you on a serene trek through the woods. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Here is more on how this sew along works!

Who is participating to make this happen:

Here are all the quilters who were involved in making this Tree of Life quilt. Give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram!

  • February – Kim Moos (@Cotton_Cuts)
  • March – Pippa Shaw (
  • April – Chris Marchini (@rosecityoriginals)
  • May – Erin Standage (@quiltingrebel)
  • June – Kristy Lea (@quietplay)
  • July – Deborah Fisher (@fishmuseum)
  • August – Leslie Storts (@lesliestorts)
  • September – Julie Cefalu (@thecraftyquilter)
  • October – Stephanie Soebbing (@quiltaddictsanonymous)

The finished blocks are all sent to Cotton Cuts for the final top to be completed and then it will be raffled off! The charity they are raising money for is Sew Powerful.

Sew Powerful is a Christian ministry that exists to employ and empower people to pursue life in all its fullness. We do that by creating purposeful products that change communities-things like school uniforms, reusable hygiene pads, soap, and farm fresh food.

excerpt from’s website

May 2024 – Clue #4 Finished!

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