Free Quilt Pattern Review of Cobblestone Street from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

I made this free quilt pattern that was designed by Elise Lea for Robert Kaufman Fabrics and wanted to pass along some tips, tricks, and my thoughts about this quilt! The link will also be below.

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It’s August and I am gearing up for Halloween! It might be a bit early, but I maybe over purchased 4 fat quarter bundles of the lovely Spooky & Sweeter by Art Gallery Fabrics. It was just so adorable I couldn’t help myself! If you want to grab some yourself, check it out right here at Fat Quarter Shop!

Spooky and sweeter

I mean, isn’t it just adorable?!?! I still see it and get excited! Don’t you just love it when fabric speaks to you that way?

Now lets jump right into this free quilt pattern review of Cobblestone Street by first stating that it was the PERFECT free quilt pattern to really make an impact and show off these lovely fabrics! I was shocked at how absolutely stunning the quilt turned out! What do you think?

free quilt pattern review of Cobblestone Street

Pattern Ease

I would classify this as a relatively easy pattern to make. The cutting was straightforward and made sense. I would recommend it for beginners with a little advice along the way. The pattern itself is marked Beginner. Here is the link to the pattern:

Tips & Issues I had

First bit of advice is that the instructions state to iron each block in half so that you can find the middle of the block. This really doesn’t work, and I had my doubts when I read it in the instructions. If you do this, when you sew your sashing on each block and then iron it – you iron it right out! I have come up with a different way to make sure you are getting your rows centered as you sew them together. See my video below for this!

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I had no problems while I was sewing my rows together. Rows matched up with zero issues! However when I had finished all my rows and I pinned the entire top on to my design board, I had big problems! It was no where near square (rectangular) like not even close! I folded the quilt in half and I was a good 8 inches off at the corners.

My thinking is that I sewed all the rows together going only one way and maybe that had an effect. If I should remake this quilt, I will alternate sewing rows together by going opposite ways. Maybe this will help to keep it more in shape than what I ended up with. Now she does state in the directions that when you trim off your edges, you might want to baste it to keep it from getting wonky. I didn’t do that, but I can’t imagine that it would have helped it THAT much. So keep that in mind. It might be something you want to do.

What is interesting about this free quilt pattern review of Cobblestone Street is that by the time I chopped off my quilt to make it square/rectangle I actually ended up being 1” bigger than her stated 54” x 69”. Mine was 55” x 70” and I’m not kidding you when I tell you I likely trimmed off 4” – 6” to get this quilt in shape! So I have a bit of confusion there where it exactly went. I sewed good 1/4” seams throughout but it definitely came out larger than expected.

Design Wall Was Very Helpful!

I pinned my rows up on the design wall as I went and I also pinned up my sashings in order of their size as I cut them. This helped to choose what was the next strip to use, without having a bunch of labels on each strip and valuable table space being taken up. I could easily see all my sizes!

Another tip is to sew it together in sections. I sewed a bout 4 or so rows together then sewed those 4 row sections to another. This made it a bit more manageable at the machine.

If you are interested in my design board, I have written a blog post about it and you can also find it right here on Amazon! I love it!

If you need any help doing your binding, be sure and check out my YouTube tutorial. I actually reference it with this quilt because I needed a refresher on how to join my two binding ends together!

Here it is almost all put together!

All in all I would rate this free quilt pattern review of Cobblestone Street an 8 out of 10 stars. I would definitely make it again but with some of the added tricks above to see if it makes a difference. But I really love the striking end result.


free quilt pattern review of Cobblestone Street

I chose Moda Grunge with stars for the background, backing and binding. It was the perfect addition to Spooky and Sweeter! I also used my Bernina 780 with a walking foot for the straight line quilting. I think it turned out really great!!

If you make it I would love to see your color and fabric variation!

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