Pumpkin fiesta free quilt pattern

Free Quilt Pattern Review of Fiesta Quilt

A free quilt pattern provided to us by Robert Kaufman Fabrics!

This free quilt pattern review of Fiesta Quilt pattern was easy to do. Because the pattern was great! This is a pretty easy sew and directions were very straightforward.

Pumpkin fiesta free quilt pattern

As you can see from my quilt top in progress I choose some out of the box colors! I had a fabric bundle from Moda called Mixology and I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a non traditional color choice. I kind of love my 1 grey pumpkin!

This free pattern review for Pumpkin Fiesta pattern also shows that this pattern is easily adaptable to make a single pumpkin for a pillow, or several pumpkins for a table-runner. I have a runner in progress and it’s going to be adorable on my new table this Fall.

The Moda Grunge colors for this table-runner really feel like all things Fall. The colors represent our changing leaves and beautifully colored mums that are so popular this time of year! You can find Grunge (my favorite blender/background fabric) by clicking link above or this:

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Just a couple tips…

One item you might want to address with your Pumpkin Fiesta quilt is to decide how you want your stems to face. You can change it to make them face all the same way, random, or alternate them.

Another suggestion is when ironing, iron your row that contains your “stem” up away from the body of the pumpkin. It reduces a little of the bulk, but not much.

I definitely like to lay my pumpkins out before I sew so I can control where my colors lie and who they are next to. Both within each pumpkin and when comparing pumpkins to pumpkins. But I am pretty picky like that! I kept my lighter colors away from each end of the pumpkin so they didn’t blend too much with the background fabric.

When all is said and done I give this pattern a 9 out of 10 stars and it’s great for beginners! Enjoy this free pattern my Robert Kaufman and have a Blessed Fall!


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