There are so many legit sources to get free patterns from but there are also those who are taking advantage of their kindness to gift us quilters free quilt patterns. Facebook & the web is filled with free quilt pattern groups & websites that are full of clickbait or spam. First, I’ll tell you where to get patterns without spam or supporting clickbait sites, then I’ll tell you more about those sites!

Where Can I Get Daily Free Patterns With No Spam?



You may have seen that I have a quilting membership, which you can check out HERE. The “Lite Version” is a free area in our Membership! We share 2 free quilt pattern links here every single day – a great way to get inspiration without being overwhelmed. My rule is always the links shared must go directly to the source who has made and is providing the patterns for us to use.

The best part is you don’t have to get stuck scrolling on Facebook to get links to free patterns. You can access via the web, desktop app, or phone app. Easy, peasy daily inspiration! Plus not only do you get the link you can scroll through the pattern first to see details and if you want to download it or not from the original source. Our members love it.

You can sign up right here or click the picture. Want to know what the site looks like? Scroll down to next picture!

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The rules in my FB group are any free quilt pattern links must go to the original source or as close as you can find to it. Often this is the designers blog or a manufacturers website. I share 1 free link daily in Free Quilting Patterns – Spam Free Zone. Honestly, there are only a few legit FB groups sharing free quilt patterns that I know of. All the really large ones are spam/clickbait fakes. They are not quilters that are running it. I’ll tell you more about that if you keep reading.

Some of the manufacturers have up to 1,000 free patterns and it’s a lot to wade through for quilters! By sharing a few each day I can help you avoid being overwhelmed, get daily inspiration, and the designers get all the credit! As they should!

I also share a free link weekly in my emails, if you would like to sign up. Plus you’ll get access to my Free Resource Library that has lots of helpful info and now my Mastering Methods sheets that help you get quilting methods down!

Manufacturers or Designers

Go directly to the source. Warning: This can be very overwhelming, I have to admit. I am in and out of them every day and I get overwhelmed. There are so many sources & patterns! I’ll share a few with you here if you like to search on your own. This is not a complete list by any means, but it will get you started. Be aware, some mix in free with patterns that are for sale too.


A guide to how to get them and stay safe from clickbait!

Yep, that’s right. There are 1,000’s of free patterns out there and the clickbait/scammer types have figured out a way to get you to click on their “stolen” (maybe borrowed is a better word) links/pictures and get ad money when you click. Often they are just looking for your clicks for $. They take images and links from whomever is gifting them to the quilting world and use them to make ad money. They also frequently steal peoples personal quilt photos, put a link with it that doesn’t match, and then never respond to comments. Frustrating!

How to be Safe When Looking for Free Patterns

First of all, get them from a reliable source, which is usually the giver of the pattern, or other quilters you know are actually quilters. Watch out for webpages that only have huge lists or many, many posts of free patterns only. Ads are ok, if they are in moderation. I have ads, most blogs do. But if the page has a ridiculous amount of ads, take that as a red flag.

Get patterns directly from the source. Free patterns are put out by the designers and fabric manufacturers primarily. A very large portion of the free patterns that are out there are from manufacturers like Moda, Robert Kaufman, Windham, Free Spirit, and so on. They are gifting these patterns often times to promote a new fabric line and they want legit quilting companies to use them to promote or quilters to use. And we are very thankful for them!

Find trusted Facebook groups that appear to be run by actual individuals. Like me for example. I seem like a real person, speak in normal English, and post and comment. The spammy groups don’t. There are many of them that seem Brazilian based for some reason, don’t speak in correct English (it could be artificial intelligence make the posts to I suppose) and often make claims that no one likes their quilt or my quilt is so ugly. This gets them tons of comments which makes Facebook think they are legit and popular. So they get way more views than we can, just by playing to quilters emotions.

I hope this breaks down free quilting patterns and why it’s like it is right now. I’m trying to combat the spam groups, but I think it’s easier to educate quilters instead of fighting them. You can help by spreading the word or sharing this blog post in the comments if you are in a spam group. I appreciate you all!