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Ideas for Your Quilting Studio or Sewing Room

And a Review of CreateRoom and IKEA Products

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Graduating From the Kitchen Table

Many of us started on our kitchen tables dreaming about ideas for your quilting studio or sewing room. Spreading our sewing supplies, fabrics, and patterns all over the place to accomplish the task at hand. Scooping it up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Maybe getting take out because it was scattered all over. We made it work because we love creating. It may have even worked well for a while. But then we really got into our hobby and hoped and wished for a better space.

Maybe you are at your table or kitchen counter right now wondering if there is a better way. More organization would definitely help but a dedicated spot where you can stop and leave it be and return to it when you can; well that is just downright dreamy! I know because I have been there too.

Often times our sewing space is a progression. Kitchen counter to dining table to corner of a bedroom to a spare room. The same happens for so many of us. Each new move feels freeing and exciting. You long for a space where you can just dive in and lose track of time and space for a as long as you can. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

I’ve graduated now to my ultimate studio, but it has taken years involving a move and some negotiating with the husband. Since I decided to make quilting my job, both to talk about and teach, that makes the space more necessary. A wonderful way you can get ideas for your own quilting studio or sewing room is to look at others. Take a stroll with me through my space and see what ideas you need for your own. Several of these products are made for people who might not have a dedicated room, but just a little area they can call their own for sewing but still be attractive and clutter free.

Sew Station by CreateRoom

First up is the Sew Station from CreateRoom. I’ve had this since 2019 and it was my first purchase towards having a space of my own. In our other house we repurposed a formal dining room, because let’s face it life mostly happens at the kitchen counter. If you only have a corner in a room to call your own for now the Sew Station folds up nicely to be a beautiful little white cabinet. The machine is on an electric lift with a white top insert to use when lowered. Easily this unit could be in a bedroom or a living area and tucked away when needed.

Sew Station comes with spool holder and storage. Picture from CreateRoom

My Sew Station even holds my extra heavy Bernina 780 with ease. There is no bounce when sewing and the lift works flawlessly. With two expanding tables, it allows you to have room for piecing or machine quilting as well! I really cannot recommend this sewing table enough. I consider it one of my best purchases for quilting ever. Being able to adjust the machine also reduces neck strain and makes for more comfortable sewing sessions. (Promo Code for CreateRoom is: QUILTINGREBEL)

IKEA Kallax and Skadis Pegboard

The wonderful shelves you see behind my Sew Station are from IKEA and I am in love with them. I had these and the Sew Station in a 11′ x 11′ room, the old formal dining room, and had room for the DreamCart and more. These Kallax units really provide quite a bit of storage and take only about 15″ out of your space. The entire bottom row are bins and they hold my scraps separated by color which is AMAZING! Check out my other blog post for more about fabric storage. The drawers and doors are all options you can add to the cube unit as well as the bins. So you can customize it to your liking.

Quilting scrap storage

Below you will see pegboard behind my desk. This is also from IKEA and is a brand called Skadis. It has amazing accessories to use on it and has been quite handy. I love it for all the rulers I seem to be accumulating. The only downside to this pegboard is the holes are oblong, so you are limited to only using this brands accessories. Something to consider. However, I would purchase this again if given a choice.

Desk was repurposed from my daughters bedroom after she moved out!


My newest addition is the very popular and absolutely amazing DreamBox. I just got her all loaded up with my other crafty items and my Cricut. It’s filled about half and half right now between crafty things and sewing supplies. The versatility and usability of this DreamBox is simply outstanding! It completely folds up to be a beautiful white (or your choice of color) cabinet that is suitable for any room. I was able to get rid of multiple rolling carts, a ridiculous number of plastic bins, and random supplies floating around. It has lighting, electrical plug ins, and storage galore. It can truly transform your craft space and make it so you can create even more because of the fabulous organization.

And did you see underneath? The table can lock all the way up so it is completely out of your way (not pictured, but see video below) for reaching your bulkier machines or supplies. See that big stack of paper? That is 12″ x 24″ paper. I have my very first sewing machine, a Bernina 350, and my Bernina serger under there. Great use of space!

(Promo Code for CreateRoom is: QUILTINGREBEL)

Opening and Closing the DreamBox

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to set up and close up!

My Before Look

I don’t have a true before picture because I moved my crafts from one house to another but rest assured that my previous room was a disaster. Check out this photo that shows what all I managed to get in my DreamBox with room left over to spare!

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have all my stuff contained and organized. As of this writing my DreamBox has only been finished for about 1 week now, but I can imagine just getting the urge to create and popping this magnificent beast open and starting immediately! Can’t you too?

Let’s talk about those pink inserts for a moment. I wondered at first if I really wanted to add those. Many people do and I thought I really wanted to be able to see in each bin and not have my view blocked. However when I made the paper inserts on on my Cricut I immediately fell in love with the overall look of it. I have ADHD and can get easily distracted. I think by having those inserts, with labels to come of course, it will allow my mind to not be distracted by all of the items and keep me focused on my task. And how about that ombre effect? I kinda love it!

Design Wall & DreamCart

Here is my design wall! I have been so happy with it since I installed it. These panels are covered with fleece and have great holding quality for all my projects. If you want to know even more, check out this blog about it. If you want to purchase one for yourself you can see it on Amazon by clicking here. Amazon also has lots of design wall ideas for your quilting studio or sewing room.

Just to the right of the closed door you see my DreamCart from CreateRoom. This has bins on both sides of the cart that are the same bins that go in the DreamBox and Sew Station. All of them are interchangeable. This also has two extensions that fold up with legs and can lock into the DreamBox and Sew Station. All tables are the same height so you can increase your workspace many times over! This is especially handy for big projects, final quilting, and cutting or sorting space. It is a very handy addition and I use it all the time with my Sew Station. I just roll it over and expand it to what I need.

Cutting Table by Arrow

My Cutting table is by Arrow and was purchased several years ago. They have since redesigned them. Here is the current link for their cutting table but it doesn’t have a small ironing board anymore. Don’t be scared off by the price. Generally there are very deep sales, at least in the past. I think I paid around $200 for mine. So keep an eye out. There are also a few on Amazon that I really like that can give you ideas for your quilting studio or sewing room. (click here for this one that looks great) But I have not personally used these so please read reviews before purchasing.

When looking for ideas for your quilting studio or sewing room you definitely want a higher top so when standing it’s easier to cut. You can see there is another section on mine that folds up to make this an extra large table which is great when dealing with bolts of fabric. I use this every single day and have no complaints.

The View

Remember when I called this is my ultimate space earlier? Negotiating with the husband? That’s because we moved to the lake and this small house has a giant view from what should be the master bedroom. I couldn’t imagine sleeping through a view like this so my husband graciously agreed it could be my quilting studio. I couldn’t be luckier and thrilled with the outcome! Now is this something you can repeat? Well, maybe! If you have a window where you sew use it as part of your creative inspiration. If you love birds, wildlife, or maybe beautiful flowers, keep that in mind for what you can see while creating. It can bring a sense of calm and enjoyment to your spirit.

Yes, this photo was taken from the window in my studio!

Best Time to Buy

CreateRoom offers sales from time to time and Black Friday is generally the best deal. They do have sales throughout the year and you can always use my promo code QUILTINGREBEL to see if there is any additional savings available. I am an affiliate for CreateRoom but only because I love their products so much! I truly believe in them, use them, and would purchase every single one of them again. So be sure to check them out through one of the links above and always use my promo code. During non sales times, the code will save you $100 on a DreamBox. Financing for their items is available if that is something that interests you. They are an amazing company making amazing things!

Black Friday 2021 Promo Code for Create Room is: QUILTINGREBELMASSIVEJOY and you save 15% on everything!

Thanks for taking this tour with me and I can’t wait to hear if you can use any of these ideas in your own space. I’d love to see what works for you in your space too!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. What a great post really summing up not only the importance of being organized but how beautiful organization can be too! I think I’m ready for a design studio redo myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

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