Hello and welcome fellow Missouri Shop Hoppers!

Quincy and I are delighted in the popularity and absolute fun of the All Missouri Shop Hop! What a boost for our beloved stick and brick stores here in the Show-Me-State.

Nothing beats going to your local quilt store, but we know many of you love to connect online too. Sometimes we just can’t get to the fun happenings at local quilt shops for any multitude of reasons. Our online membership, based in Missouri, can fill that need for fun, encouraging, and quilty interaction! We created Quilting Rebel Membership to connect with quilters all over the lower 48 states.

The best part is you can support your local quilt shops and also connect with quilters online!

The best of both worlds!


Because you are shopping the Missouri Shop Hop, we have a very special offer for you.

First, we only open our membership during the first 6 days of each month. BUT, since you have proven yourself a dedicated Hopper, you can JOIN ANY TIME during the month, PLUS SAVE $10 on your first month!

Just use code HOPPER when you check out!

If you are signing up on the 7th – 31st of any month, no need for you to sign up on the waitlist, you’re in! Click this button for special entry into the membership! Use HOPPER when you check out!

Here’s How Early Access Works

Sign up during our open time, 1st – 6th of each month, and you will be qualified to receive that months HAPPY MAIL plus you will save $10 on your first month for being a Shop Hopper! No early access needed – you’re in!

Sign up on any day the 7th – 31st of any month and you will save $10, plus get EARLY ACCESS to the membership space for the rest of that month, and be all set to receive HAPPY MAIL the following month. Enjoy your membership new space!

(All Happy Mail is ordered on the 7th and shipped the 3rd or 4th week of each month)