Moon Rabbit Quilt Pattern Review

The Moon Rabbit is a free pattern from Paintbrush Studio designed by Pine Tree Country Quilts.

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Now let’s get going with my The Moon Rabbit quilt pattern review!

This quilt measures 56″ x 56″ which makes it a great lap or throw and also a relatively quick sew. It would have helped me in the making of this quilt if I would have lettered/marked the individual fabrics and cuts. Go ahead and label each subcut. Alphabitties would be very handy here.

Mark on your pattern the fabrics you are using instead of what the pattern designer is using. For example her “pink rabbits” might be your “yellow swirl” etc…This was my number one mistake when I made this pattern. I thought I could keep things straight and it proved just a little difficult. Mostly because I like to listen to podcasts while I assemble, and if I would have had things marked better it would have made the process simpler.

Piecing the blocks

This section has an error. Under the picture where it shows the 2.5″ strips it says “cut 8 segments of each”. Change that to 16. You have enough fabric strips made, this was just an oversight I believe.

I don’t have a lot of advice here, it’s a pretty simple and straight forwards sew. Maintain your 1/4″ and you’ll be just fine!

When I printed out my pattern it was a bit difficult to tell the difference between the A & B blocks, so again, just be sure you label everything and change it on your printed copy. The directions should have been written more generically for those using different fabrics than the pattern was designed for. I suppose that is done on purpose so that the manufacturer has a pattern to promote with a new line. But new lines go away fairly quickly whereas the free patterns stick around with us for a very long time!

Tula Pink Tiny Beasts made this quilt so cute!

Where some of my fabrics got mixed up were the strip sets that I mentioned to cut 16 instead of 8. I didn’t have these labeled properly and they ended up being where they were not supposed to be. Just glancing at my quilt you would never know it. I re-sewed only a few areas that stood out to me and decided to leave the rest. It doesn’t really matter a whole awful lot especially using busy fabric like my Tiny Beasts by Tula Pink.

I love how this quilt is done in sections instead of rows. Sewing together blocks into sections feels like it goes together more quickly. Once you’ve sewn your blocks together into larger sections, join your sections and your top is complete!

For the blue I used Uncorked. One of my favs!

Tiny Beasts by Tula Pink really stood out in this quilt top and I love the Uncorked blue that I added with it. Two of my favorite fabrics! Tula anything and Uncorked in any color!!

The Rating

Let me explain. I love the pattern and finished design and would 100% make it again but following the changes I mentioned above with labeling. I rate the pattern 3 “X’s” because of the mistake that took me a bit to figure out and the fact that it is written specifically for a fabric line, making converting it a lot of scribbles on your pattern to keep it straight. Great for a beginner IF you mark your fabrics and cuts.

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