My New Quilt Design Wall

My studio has a new quilt design wall and it is fabulous! You can have one just like it too! Design walls help us with our creativity, organization, and giving us visual people a great big visual reference to follow! I think a design wall can be an absolutely can’t live without it type of tool once you have one. I’ve even seen some portable, that could be quite handy!

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We are all different, so let me tell you exactly what was I looking for when I chose my new quilt design wall. Hopefully it will help you on your journey to finding the right one for you and your space and needs.

What was important to me was:

  • Visual appearance
  • Convenience
  • Functionality

Yep you read that right – functionality was last on my list. Shocking I know!

Finished and installed size of 63” x 92”

Now that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have to be fully functional and hold whatever I wanted to stick on it! I mean it is a design wall – so it has to perform. I guess to me that was an obvious requirement. Kind of like buying a car but then it doesn’t run. Of course we wouldn’t buy a car for appearance and convenience but then expect it not to function!

Visual appearance was mostly because I have a new tricked out sewing space if you will and I wanted my design board to not be an embarrassment to my room! I’m so happy in my space. The way it is looking and shaping up just makes me feel so good. I didn’t want to lose that with a giant, unappealing, gaudy thing taking up major real estate on my wall!

Convenience was next and I really want to stay as focused as possible on my blog and creating for you all! And to be honest our house here isn’t in tip top shape as we are still doing some renovations and upgrades so my work space in the garage to attempt to make something just isn’t available. Top that off with how much we’ve done in the way of projects in the last year here in this new to us house, and the last thing I wanted was another dreaded project hanging over my head. Enter the idea of a ready made design wall to get me kick started!

My Choice: The BXI Quilt Design Wall

Purchased from Amazon. To be honest I tripped up on it during my Prime Day Blogging event! Spur of the moment purchase and I could not be more thrilled with it! You can click the picture to see it on Amazon! But read further for my personal review and how it fit each of my requirements mentioned above!

Appearance Review

It covers all I could hope for. I mean after all it is a giant white space so kind of hard to be overly attractive, but I think this has really fit my hopes best. The boards are all uniform and sized at a generous 31.5” x 23” by .5”. One set contains 4 boards, so I purchased 2 sets. They are some sort of foam board wrapped tightly with fleece. The backs are fairly flat even with the wrapped fleece, and I had no trouble attaching the Command strips I purchased separately to the backs and then to the wall.

Quilt design wall up close
Here is an up close look at the nap of the fleece.

For my new quilt design wall I placed the boards in 2 rows of 4 boards each and they fit nice and tight together looking very uniform. Final size is 63” x 92”. I thought it would stand out terribly in my space, but it fits right in and is not obtrusive at all! Which was a great relief to me!

Convenience Review

Oh so convenient! These come ready made, wrapped nicely to protect from dings or damage, beautifully white and I had them up in about an hour. For the professional look they have, I think the price is well worth it! I did use a level to mark a line on the wall so I got them as straight as possible.

The most difficult thing about these is the time it take to press the Command strips on. Simply because you need to apply pressure for about 30 seconds to each strip when applying. I used 3 strips on each panel. Two are the top and one centered at bottom. I have not had one even think about coming off the wall yet. FYI my walls have a orange peel texture to them and still no problems!

Functionality Review

The hold power has been fantastic! I have left many blocks up for multiple nights with no issues whatsoever!

Check out this picture where I show you what the back of these beautiful Shooting Stars blocks look like. You can see it ins’t a perfectly flat piece of fabric and has lots of seams and folds. This is holding fine on my new design wall! I wasn’t sure about it, but they are doing great!

Full disclosure I have had some things fall off but it’s more of a placement of the wall in my room type of problem. My new quilt design wall is right by my entry door. I don’t close the door very often but if I do the air current from the door can “whoosh” some blocks off the wall. But only if I really close the door quickly. If I go slow, they stay just fine.

PINS: Yes you can pin to the wall! I do often if I am sewing all my blocks together to make a top. It will hold half a quilt top for a while, but a few pins just help keep it in place for such a heavy object.

So that’s the straight talk about my new quilt design wall by BXI on Amazon. I give this product a solid 10 out of 10 stars!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Hint: I kept my wall up off the floor, just above our Black Labrador’s back to minimize her fur getting on my wall! Especially with its placement by my rooms entry door. You may want yours lower than mine. I am also 5’10” so putting it higher was to my own benefit as well!

If you are interested in the Shooting Stars pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts I used in my photos above, check it out right here!

Here are the Command Strips I used if you decide to purchase. I used 2 large ones on the top of each board on 1 of the smaller once in middle bottom. So far so good!

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  1. I realize this post is a couple years old, but in looking at the directions on the command strips, it says not to adhere them to fabric. On the back of the panels, the fabric wraps around to the back. Did you place your strips on the fabric part of the back, or on the black foam core on the back? Thank you.

    1. Hi there! I placed mine on the board on the back, not the fabric. It worked really well for me. Assuming they have not redesigned it in a major way it should work for you too! Mine are still up 2 years later and have never come loose. Good luck!

      1. Thanks so much for your reply. I received one set of the panels last week and ordered a 2nd set which should arrive tomorrow. I’m excited to get them up. Good to know yours are still up after 2 years!

  2. I am if these strips will stick and stay stuck on concrete walls as I sew in my daughters basement.

    1. I can tell you they are very lightweight. Since you need to use some sort of means to attached it to the wall I would test out some Command Strips on the wall and see how they do. If it is a unfinished wall and you are not concerned with damaging it really carpet tape might also work. That stuff is STICKY though so proceed with caution for sure!

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