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What Quilt Pattern is on your Bucket List?

There are so many we want to make! But what is a bucket list worthy, top of the mountain climb, jump out of an airplane, quilt pattern you aspire to make one day?

I’ll tell you mine soon enough – but you’ll have to wait for it! Oh the suspense! Just like jumping out of a plane right? Oh ok, I know my bucket list item isn’t THAT interesting to you and that’s ok! But take a look at the list I compiled down below to see what others are wanting to do. I’ll bet you find one or two you add to some sort of quilt list you have going!

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I asked this question over in our Facebook Group: Free Quilting Patterns – Spam Free Zone and got a good deal of responses. I’ll try and provide as many links as well if I can find them. Many of these I didn’t know what they were and some I did. So what quilting pattern is on your bucket list and is it already listed here?

Hint: There are even a few that are FREE PATTERNS! That’s always exciting!

Did you see my blog post where I reviewed the Good Vibrations pattern? If not, you can check that out right here!

Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx – Vintage Rose or any other of the Quiltworx ones!

Dresden – many variations – here is Retreat to the Garden

Bargello – Many varieties here is one book!

Midnight on the Water by Janet Houts – FREE PATTERN!

Gypsy Wife

Dear Jane

Star of Bethlehem – FREE PATTERN!

Double Wedding Ring This is a popular choice!

New York Beauty

Log Cabin

Here is a Log Cabin I made a few years ago! It turned out really pretty! I believe this was Downton Abbey fabric line. Usually purple isn’t my thing, but I love this one!

Castle Walls

Happily Ever After


One Block Wonder – I’ve made two of these – very cool pattern!

One of the ones I made was a Halloween quilt with a wild fabric pattern. It isn’t totally obvious, but I love it and I “quilted” it with some embroidery files. I used skulls and some wicked black widows spiders here and there!

3D Quilt – Here is an example of a book of patterns – lots to choose from!

Sea Glass – So there are lots of patterns called Sea Glass so I’m not sure which one to pick. But side note – check out what I found on Google. Allie McCathren makes Sea Glass Art Quilts and they are stunning y’all! (Not an affiliate link – just gorgeous!)

Storm at Sea

Dance of the Dragonfly

Smitten – Very cool and I know it exists but couldn’t find a good source – I think its on Etsy. This is by Lucy Kingwell which appears to be a relative of Jen Kingwell the designer. It’s a very beautiful pattern!!

Carpenters Star

Snail Trail

Flower Vase – I wasn’t sure on this one what pattern it might be. Comment below if you know!

Lone Star Eagle Quilt – Lots of variations, I had trouble in finding a pattern.

Double Irish Chain

Sand Castles

Catch me if you can

Art Quilt – General type of quilt. I have a pattern for a very cool cow that is an art quilt. Can’t wait to make it!

Mirror Mirror – FREE PATTERN!

Grandmothers Flower Garden – A classic that has been around for a long time! It’s lovely!

And finally what was the quilt that I had on my bucket list? Others had it as well… it is CATHEDRAL WINDOW!

Now, comment below – what is one of the quilts on your bucket list? I really want to know! Maybe I’ll even add it to the list here for others to discover or even make myself!

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  1. I would love to do a Bargello twist quilt. I am just not finding a pattern that I really love and I am not skilled enough or experienced enough to feel comfortable making my own pattern.

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