Good Vibrations Quilt top

Quilt Pattern Review: Good Vibrations

Pattern by Cloud9 Fabrics and designed by Elizabeth Olwen

As our almost non existent spring gives way to instant summer here in the midwestern United States, our thoughts quickly turn to happy and warm summer times! This amazing print named Sunburst from Art Gallery Fabrics is sure to get you in the right frame of mind for summer fun! Let’s step right into this post Quilt Pattern Review: Good Vibrations!

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Art Gallery Sunburst
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If by chance you are just getting started quilting I think this pattern is great for newbies! If you want to see what tools you need to make your first quilt, check out this blog post for the bare minimum of what you actually need! Another skill you will know how to do is attaching long sashing with this video here. (Video coming soon)

Quilt Pattern Review: Good Vibrations

It seemed like magic when I tripped up on this pattern, Good Vibrations, in a facebook group. Someone posted a photo of a quilt and needed help finding the pattern. I was able to find it for them and decided it was a perfect match for Sunburst and I had to have it!

Quilt pattern review: good vibrations

This is fat quarter friendly for the patterned fabric, and I needed 8 fat quarters to complete this particular top along with yardage of background fabric. I chose Moda’s Grunge in Basic Grey White Yardage cause it is my absolute favorite background print ever in the history of background fabric! (Yep, I’m that nuts about any color in the Grunge line!)

A great thing to note here with this Quilt Pattern Review: Good Vibrations is that you will use a little more than 1/2 a fat quarter if you don’t fussy cut anything. So lots of scrap left over! I fussy cut my sunbathers because no one wants a quilt with random arms and legs or even heads! And fussy cutting with this pattern and fabric was super easy.

Laying out the blocks to my liking – be sure to snap a picture like I did here if anything gets confusing you can refer back to how you wanted it!
This shows how much was left in each fat quarter!

The cutting instructions were easy to follow and there was only one area where I got confused when cutting – the very last thing to cut, which was sashing, and it was explained further in the directions. So no worries, you won’t make any wrong cuts by following along with their directions.

A little tip from me

Here is a tip for cutting the background blocks from strips. I kept my strips separated and labeled by strip, per the pattern, but it might also be handy to label each block you cut with the dimensions of that block. You can use small pieces of paper pinned or use disappearing ink to write small in the seam allowance on one edge. This is just to find the block easily when you are putting the top all together.

Since I kept mine in stacks labeled by the strip #, I referred back to the pattern and then measured the blocks from that strip to find the one I needed. It worked just fine too. Either way is great, just do one of the two methods for sure and don’t stack all your background blocks together with no order.

So……Do I recommend this pattern?

For this quilt pattern review for Good Vibrations, I give a resounding YES in recommending this pattern and the fabric design too! It has easy to follow instructions and is great for fabrics where you might want to show off a part of it that you just love! So head on over to Cloud9 via the link above and grab you one as well! Be sure to show me your finished top or quilt if you make one! Happy creating!

Here are a few of my very favorite tools I use in my studio! If I had to pick one of these everyone should have, it would be the pin holder! I love it and have two!

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  1. I really like the pattern and your choice of fabrics. I don’t know that I would have chosen that fabric, but I think it’s darling! I need to break out of my comfort/favorites zone!

    1. Thanks so much! I just have been longing for summer so badly and I think that is what initially attracted me to it so much! I find that my out of my comfort zone thing is cutting into my Tula. Some of them I have had a few years so I’m even more scared to actually use them. I just need to do it!

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