A Review of The Quilt Keeper

I had been eyeballing The Quilt Keeper for a few months. I wondered how well it was made, if it was plastic, cheap, flimsy? How would this product look in my home? I’ll answer all those questions and more in this review of The Quilt Keeper!

Ellen Taurins designed The Quilt Keeper and I can tell you before you go any further, this product is very neat! I think it’s going to be wildly popular with quilters or even those who love to have fancy beds and want to keep their comforter/quilt neat and clean.

Both of these quilt patterns were made in Quilting Rebel Membership. Learn more at the link!

What is it exactly?

The Quilt Keeper is an over the door hanger that allows you to either display your quilt or it allows you to remove your top comforter/quilt from your bed nightly. It is in 3 parts – 2 over the door hangers and 1 decorative bar that holds the quilt and hooks onto the hangers. Now let’s continue with this review of The Quilt Keeper!

Unboxing The Quilt Keeper

First of all the material feels high quality. I’m not sure of the metal but it feels hefty and very nice. You are provided some sticky backed foam in your package so that you can apply it to the inner portion of your Quilt Keeper to protect your doors or also help take up a little space if you doors are not very thick. There are also some small black caps you can put on the ends of the hooks to help protect your wall behind your door should your Keeper come in contact with it. You will receive plenty of the foam. It was boxed nicely so that it was well protected. Instructions were easy to understand.


A no brainer for sure! Let’s talk clearance first. You do need at least 5″ of clearance between any wall that will be behind your door – so that your door can be fully 90 degrees open. So take a quick measurement – from your hinge to the wall you need 5″ at a minimum. 5″ – 7″ if you are planning on hanging a very puffy comforter that might take some extra space. The protective caps are a very nice feature of The Quilt Keeper when this space is tight. When hung the measurement from the outer hook left to outer hook right was 26.5″.

My installation method: I put the caps on the end of the hooks. I then placed the hooks on my door and realized I would need a little foam on each hook. 1.) to help take up some space. 2.) to help protect the door and keep the hooks in place and from sliding. I cut and placed the foam on the hooks, and hung it on my door. Use enough foam to protect your doors from the metal. (You can see in the pictures I was frugal with my foam. You can use more!) You simply hold the bar up to help measure the distance between hooks, and then hang the bar on the hooks when you have the right distance achieved. That’s it! You have installed The Quilt Keeper!

Where to Hang

This is completely up to you. I do have an incredibly small house now and the way our small bedrooms are designed I unfortunately don’t have the room for it there. I only have 3.5″ from my door hinges to the wall. We are hopefully switching out bifold closet doors someday and getting normal doors – and that’s likely where mine will go. For now, mine is hanging in my studio which suits me just fine! I love displaying my quilts where I can see and appreciate them.

When you are reading this review of The Quilt Keeper you might be thinking it’s more functional than for display. No No No! This doesn’t have to be a “back of the door” quilt display! Put it on the outside of a door as well. What a beautiful display it will make on a closet door in a hallway maybe, or a laundry room door. Entry to guest room. Or honestly, move it about your house from time to time to enjoy your beautiful quilts. This has great versatility as to where it can go!

How to use

Mine will be used to display quilts. I make more lap sized quilts than overly large quilts and I can easily get up to 5 on this Quilt Keeper!

If you are using it daily to keep your fancy on the bed comforter or quilt neat, unwrinkled and clean you can do this. Fold your comforter/quilt and lay on bed leaving the last fold undone. Remove your bar from The Quilt Keeper and lay it on the center of your folded comforter/quilt. Make a final fold over the bar, pick up the bar and hang! Or as Ellen shows below, slip the bar under the quilt and pick up. Easy Peasy!

Ellen also has a video that shows you how to use it in this manner.

Ellens video shows how easy it is to use!

I hope you have enjoyed this review of The Quilt Keeper and that it helps you make the decision to give it a try! This would also make a fantastic gift for a quilter you love! Make sure to put 1 or 3 on your Christmas gift wish list!

Are you ready to purchase one? Just click the button to get yours!

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My Product Rating is:

Full disclosure

I received this product for free. Ellen wanted me to give it a try and I offered to write a review of it. I always review things honestly and I also thank Ellen for allowing me this opportunity to try out her product and also for creating it! I am also an affiliate for The Quilt Keeper because I believe it is a great product, so I do received a small commission if you purchase through the links. These type of links never cost you a penny but it helps allow me to do what I do! Thank you for your support!

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