Reviewing the BladeSaver Thread Cutter

There is a newer tool out in our quilting world and today I’m pretty excited about it. So here we go reviewing the BladeSaver Thread Cutter!

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What is a BladeSaver?

A BladeSaver is an ingenious notion that can be used when you are chain piecing. Its main purpose is to easily cut through the connecting threads between your pieces. It has been designed to hold one of your old rotary blades so that you can get more use out of it and cut those threads more easily.

Let’s face it, many times our blades get nicks in them that causes them to not cut our fabric the best. So we pop in a new blade and we are off to the races. But many parts of that blade are still very sharp. What if you could put it to better use instead of carefully tossing it in the trash?

BladeSaver Thread Cutter Review
BladeSaver in Fuchsia

Parts of the BladeSaver

This notion has several parts to it. The flower, with an easy to operate screw, that holds your rotary blade. The base, that is in two parts so it acts as a case to hold the flower/blade combo when you are traveling with it. This product is made from plastic, but has a quite sturdy feel to it, not flimsy or weak.

Is it difficult to use?

Not at all! The rotary blade (not provided with purchase) is so sharp that you will put so much less pressure on your stitching so no puckered stitches like other brands do.

The features

They really paid close attention to details on this little notion. Unless you have very tiny fingers you don’t have to worry about touching the blade accidentally. The screw is easy to loosen with a standard screwdriver and goes together very easily. The flower/blade combo pops in and out of the base very easily. If you feel your blade is getting dull you just have to pull it out and make a turn to the next petal for a fresh blade. The base is made in two parts with magnets that hold it together tightly. They even designed thumbholes so that you can grasp it easily to pull apart. Inside the base they have the flower design outlined so that you will place the flower/blade portion in perfectly every time. On the bottom they have some silicone (maybe?) non skid dots that hold it securely in place. Not 3 so it would rock, but 4 dots to hold it steady as you work through your chain piecing speedily! The other plus is they have a myriad of colors to choose from!

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What size blade does it hold?

Are you ready for even more goodness with reviewing the BladeSaver Thread Cutter? They have 3 sizes! 28mm, 45mm pictured, and a 60mm size. Perfect for everyone, no matter what blades you use!

Are you just hyping it up because you got it for free?

Nope. I did not get this for free nor am I paid for this review. This was a personal purchase and I just have to say this is how much I love this product! I love the fact that they put so much effort into the design and added so many features they could have skipped out on.

Where can you purchase one?

The Fat Quarter Shop has them for sale and if you click this link you can grab you one right away! This will be your new favorite tool in your sewing room this year!


When you have used all 4 petal areas and they are dull use a sharpie or felt pen to mark between one of the petals. Then remove the screw and position the rotary blade with that marked part going under the petal. Now you have four more brand new areas to cut your thread without putting in another blade!

If you get one, I want to know and also hear what you think! Comment below and let me know!

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