Storage solutions for quilting fabric

Storage Solutions for Quilting Fabric

Do you have a favorite way to store your quilting fabric? I’m getting my own system down pretty good – follow along and see how I am managing the hoard of fabric with Storage Solutions for Quilting Fabric!

We all have a wide variety of needs when it comes to storage. If you are newer to quilting I would imagine just like myself at that time I couldn’t even wrap my brain around the fabric stashes I saw other quilters had. Then I started making quilts and saving scraps and wow does it accumulate FAST! A few visits to quilt shops here and there, leaving with a yard or two of beauties that begged me to take them home, and here we are! Figuring out storage!

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I started with little plastic totes that were about the size of a shoe box that I bought in a stack of 10 I think. Every tote held a different color of fabric scrap. That served me well stored in a hall closet for the first 5 years or so of quilting. I did upgrade to slightly larger totes at one time, but they still fit into the hall closet.

IKEA Kallax to the rescue!

The next upgrade I made was to the IKEA Kallax cube storage system which took over an old dining room area we never used. And that worked pretty well, but the space was a bit cramped. Which brings us to the current set up. We just recently sold our camper and got a little lakehouse and I fell in love with the master bedroom space – one of the biggest spaces in our small house – and hubby graciously agreed to make it my studio! Which I absolutely love. I have a view, and I find it so easy to be creative here! Thank you Honey!

Remember our spaces evolve with us – I didn’t start with what you see below. I was at the dining room table with stuff everywhere – so many of us start there!

Storage solutions for quilting fabric ikea Kallax cube
Storage solutions for quilting fabric IKEA Kallax cube quilting rebel

I keep all my bundles of fat quarters, charm packs, layer cakes, and my comic board fabrics on display and it makes me absolutely happy to see them all! When I am looking through our wonderful Facebook group, Free Quilting Patterns – Spam Free Zone, I can see a pattern, look up and scan what I have as far as bundles, and imagine what that fabric might look like in a quilt. It’s inspiring!

Do you need more help with comic boards? I have a video on how to wrap your comic boards – join and you can watch the video! Comic boards are a great storage solution for quilting fabric.

Where my scraps are today

Take a closer look at the cubes along the bottom row – those are all separated with some inexpensive foam poster board that I cut to fit. Basically to half each cube to hold or separate two colors each. Here let me attempt to show you what that looks like.

Quilting scrap storage ikea Kallax

This should serve me well for the years ahead and I hope to be using my scraps enough to stay contained to these already dedicated cubes. That’s the goal anyway! Use them up!

Yardage Storage Solutions for Quilting Fabric

My yardage or larger than a fat quarter – gets stored either on comic boards that are on display in the Kallax system above or in a new Kousi Cube System I got on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Kousi Cube System

I did a video building and reviewing this cube system, and you can find that on my YouTube Channel. This will be going into my closet and I think with a few zip ties to reinforce it will work perfectly for my needs! Again I am separating by color and the doors are going to help keep dust off all my pretties! Fabric can get quite heavy, so definitely a little reinforcement will make me feel better. I have another to put together, but it will be for personal items as my quilting closet is also my clothes closet as well!

Update: I did put together the second set of Kousi shelves and omitted the tiny little connectors this time and only did zip ties. It works great and feels a bit sturdier. I highly recommend add the zip ties!

One last storage item I have is just simply shelves that were already in my closet. They are a bit shallow, but I’ve found a way to fold my backings to store there. This is yardage in excess of 4 yards that I purchase, usually for backing. I like to keep some on hand, although I seem to always not want what I have and end up at the quilt store!

Tell me your storage hacks and what you do to contain your scraps! I’d love to hear and see what you’ve got going on in your sewing spaces!

Happy Sewing!

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