Trash or Scrap Box Project

You can recycle a tissue box to make a fun little trash or scrap box project for your cutting table!

I’ve used this for years. I hated cutting or trimming and having a little pile of trash or leftover scraps I was saving on my cutting table. It was always in the way. Now bring in allergy season. I had an empty tissue box, the smaller kind, and had a thought.

I put it on my table and when it was full, I just threw the whole thing away. But then I didn’t have another that was empty to use. So I removed it from the trash, emptied the contents, and was back in business!

It wasn’t long and I wanted to make my little trash can cute. So I did just that! I took it apart and covered it with some left over fabric and here we are, at least 8 years later!

If you would like to make your own Trash or Scrap Box Project, check out the tutorial I made you on YouTube! Be sure to like and subscribe to my channel!

Be sure and send me your photos!

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